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 7 Days Marangu route  
7 Days Rongai Route 
 7 Days Umbwe Route
 8 Days Machame route
10 Days Lemosho route 
 8 Days Western Breach 
 Kili - Joining Dates 2018
 What to Know ?Mt Kilimanjaro
Mt.Kilimanjaro Summit Tips
Machame route extra day  
Marangu route extra day      
 Mt Kilimanjaro climb + safari
 Moon Dates Mt Climbing    
2019 New Year Kilimanjaro!!
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Trek Kilimanjaro, choose from 4 different routes for all experiences Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro

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Adventure Camping Safari Kenya .Camping in campsites, where you have semi permanent tents,pitching tents in Kenya camps in National parks of masai mara,samburu,Nakuru ,baringo and bogoria parks

Our camping safaris are specially designed for those yearning to realize a real lifetime adventure and budget travelers, those who wish to get close to nature. Accommodation is on semi permanent campsites or pitched tents. Our camping safaris cover Kenya's national parks and reserves with tremendous variety of birds and animals. The main attraction and the more popular parks such as Maasai Mara National Reserve and Amboseli Camping Safari, Samburu Adventure Safari, Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara Budget Camping Safari, Tsavo East/Tsavo West Adventure Camping Safari, Lake Turkana Expeditions Camping Tours, Wildlife Migration Safari Masai Mara, Great rift Valley Lakes Camping Safaris, Lake Bogoria Camping Safari, Lake Baringo Camping Safaris among others are covered in our itineraries. below:-

*Kenya camping: 3 Days Masai  Mara  495US$ per person

*Kenya camping: 3 Days Amboseli National Park - 540US$ per person
*Kenya camping: 3 Days Samburu National Reserve  550US$ per person

*Kenya camping: 4 Days Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara
  730US$ per person

*Kenya camping; 4 Days Masai Mara 700US$ per person

*Kenya camping; 5 Days Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara 540 per person

*Kenya camping; 6 Days Lake Baringo/Bogoria/Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara
1020US$ per person

*Kenya camping; 6 Days Amboseli/Nakuru/Masai Masai Mara 1020US$ per person

*Kenya camping; 6 Days Amboseli/Tsavo West/Tsavo East / Mombasa 1080US$ per person

*Camping Kenya: 7 Days Samburu/Nakuru/Mara

*Camping Kenya: 7 Days Samburu/Baringo/Bogoria/Nakuru/Mara

*Camping Kenia; 8 Days Samburu/Marsabit/Chalbi/Turkana/Mararal 

*Kenya Budget camping; 8 Days Tsavo West/Amboseli/Nakuru/Masai Mara 

*Kenya best Camping; 11 Days Amboseli/Sweetwaters/Samburu/Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara 

*Kenya camping; 14 Days Kenya Wildlife Trails Adventure Camping Safari 

 Mt Kenya Climbing,Trekking Routes,prices,2018,information

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